Buffalo Creek Farms Chocolate Lynx Point Himalayan Boy.

This is a great little boy. He gets along well with everyone,. Toys are a must for him. He loves them all. He would do well any where. Check him out in his own you tube video. He struts when he walks because he knows how beautiful he is. For more information about him visit our for sale page or contact me.


kellykrejci@gmail.com   Kelly 785-840-9197


He loves toys

He would love for you to come and visit him.

Look at those baby blue eyes

He needs toys

He struts when he walks. He is a cat with attitude.


3 responses

  1. What days / hours do you offer visits? I live in KCMO. I just recently found your web page and I enjoy your postings from facebook.

  2. How much do they cost looking for a boy Chocalate point Himalayan please let me know i’ll be waiting to hear back from u thank u so much!! Also any silver ones u have to a boy thanks again have a smiley day!!

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