Reo and Ben DOB 11/10/13

This litter will leave you speechless. How can their be so many beautiful colors in one litter?  We have the rare chocolate calico. She looks like a chocolate, caramel, whipped cream marvel. Then we have a rich chocolate caramel torti. If does not have your sweet tooth drooling they have a lilac brother who looks like chocolate milk . If you are not looking for a sweet confection in your kitten check out their traditional siblings. The dilute calico is the color sunrises are made of. The swirled coat black and red of the black/red torti make her coat look like it is feathered. Last but not least is a dilute blue/cream torti. She completes the trifecta of torti’s. The soft subtle shades makes you want to melt.


Lilac Persian Boy


Chocolate torti Persian Girl


chocolate calico Persian


Dilute Calico Persian Girl


black /red torti Persian Girl

Buffalo Creek Farms Persian Kittens For Sale

blue/cream torti Persian Girl


New Moon and Teddy DOB 11/5/2013

These babies look like little baby tigers. They have beautiful golden faces and tigers stripes. Who could want more then a their own baby tiger. The goldens will get golder as they get older and take on a lion façade in the face.

Buffalo Creek Farms Golden Persian girl  Kitten

Buffalo Creek Farms Golden Persian Girl Kitten


Buffalo Creek Farms Golden Persian Boy Kitten


Buffalo Creek Farms Golden Persian Girl Kittens

Buffalo Creek Farms Golden Persian Girl Kittens

Autumn and Ben DOB 11/7/2013

black smoke Persian boy

Persian Calico Girl


Torti Persian Girl


2nd picture torti Persian girl


Calico Persian Tabby Girl


Black Smoke Persian Boy


Autumn and Bens babies

Autumn has three beautiful babies. There are 2 girls and one boy. The boy will get more smoky coloring as he gets bigger. The girls have different colors feathered through there coat for a truly stunning look.

Zelda and Free Fall Kittens DOB 10/12/13

Look at these precious babies. The red and white is a little girl. The other two are boys.


She takes good care of her brothers


red and white Persian girl

Shaded silver boy

Shaded silver boy


Shaded silver boy


blue and white boy


blue and white boy


Mummsie and Ben’s New Babies DOB 10/15/13

Looks at these beautiful blue and blue cream golden tabbies. They will get more light gold as they get older. The two boya are golden tabbies. The two girls are blue/cream golden tabbies. They are the color of a sunrise on a perfect morning. If you are looking for the sunrise in your household look at these kittens.

Mumsie and Ben's Tabby's.

Mumsie and Ben’s Tabby’s.


blue and blue/cream tabby persian’s


Blue tabby Persian Boy


Mumsie and kittens


Blue/cream golden tabby girl


blue tabby Persian Boy


Blue/cream tabby Persian Girl


Blue golden tabby

Blue golden tabby Persian Kitten