Reo and Ben DOB 11/10/13

This litter will leave you speechless. How can their be so many beautiful colors in one litter?  We have the rare chocolate calico. She looks like a chocolate, caramel, whipped cream marvel. Then we have a rich chocolate caramel torti. If does not have your sweet tooth drooling they have a lilac brother who looks like chocolate milk . If you are not looking for a sweet confection in your kitten check out their traditional siblings. The dilute calico is the color sunrises are made of. The swirled coat black and red of the black/red torti make her coat look like it is feathered. Last but not least is a dilute blue/cream torti. She completes the trifecta of torti’s. The soft subtle shades makes you want to melt.


Lilac Persian Boy


Chocolate torti Persian Girl


chocolate calico Persian


Dilute Calico Persian Girl


black /red torti Persian Girl

Buffalo Creek Farms Persian Kittens For Sale

blue/cream torti Persian Girl


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