Lily and Ben DOB 4/13/14


Buffalo Creek Farms Himalayan Girl



Buffalo Creek Farms cream/flame Himalayan Boy


He does not like the flash

There are 2 lovely himalayans. The boy looks to be a crema or flame. The girl I am not sure. Both will be bicolor Himi’s. Himalayans are born white and get color has they get older.  


Mercedes and Teddy DOB 4/15/14

We have 2  silver boys and a  silver girl. Silvers are born with the dark tipping and get whiter as a they get older. When grown they are white with black tips. They have the black eyeliner and paw pads because all silvers are tabby’s.

Mercedes silver Persians

Mercedes silver Persians


Buffalo Creek Farms Chinchilla Silver boy


Buffalo Creek Farms shaded silver


Buffalo Creek Farms Chinchilla Silver Girl

Shinia and Ben DOB 4/15/14

These little pretty’s are a variety

Shinia and babies

Shinia and babies

pack. We have a lovely calico girl. a brown tabby bicolor boy and a himi. Himi’s get color as they get older. He will most likely be a lynx point in seal.


Buffalo Creek Farms Calico Girl


Buffalo Creek Farms brown tabby bicolor Persian boy


Buffalo Creek Farms tiny himi boy