Shinia and Ben DOB 4/15/14

These little pretty’s are a variety

Shinia and babies

Shinia and babies

pack. We have a lovely calico girl. a brown tabby bicolor boy and a himi. Himi’s get color as they get older. He will most likely be a lynx point in seal.


Buffalo Creek Farms Calico Girl


Buffalo Creek Farms brown tabby bicolor Persian boy


Buffalo Creek Farms tiny himi boy

10 responses

  1. Would love the calico girl .. How much are you asking for her? And how much do you need for a deposit ?

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      • I’m really interested in buying a couple breeding females. My grandma died ten years ago and when she was alive she had persian cats. I took in her five old retired show and breeding cats. The last one died last month of cancer. But I can see why my grandma raised them and bred them. They were the best cats with my children. Now I have been looking at starting fresh with my own and carrying on her legacy. I just worry about where to start and who to buy from. How much extra is breeding rights? Thank you for your time and I appreciate you answering my questions and kindness.

  2. O dear I didn’t look at my emails right away … Last time I contacted you your calico was already taken… Is this little girl?

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